Someday, Sons You Can See…


Romans 8:19 “The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed.”

Who are the sons of God? They are the people, both men and women, whose sins have been washed away in the blood of Jesus Christ. They stand before God without a single stain of sin or imperfection, not because of any holiness they have produced themselves, but because Jesus has beautifully dressed them in the radiant love of his own holy life. By faith God has made them his own children. He promises to give them all the joys and pleasures that are part of the family home in heaven. They are you and me and countless other Christians who call Jesus Savior.

This is reality, but let’s be honest–these sons of God are not easy for us to see now. We don’t look much different than the general public. Our skin doesn’t shine with an other-worldly glow. We haven’t sprouted halos. Little glimpses of the new life of love and faith inside of us shine through in what we say and do, but the better we get to know other Christians, the more involved we become in working together with fellow members of our church, the more we realize that the same pride, prejudices, selfish ambitions, and resentful feelings that dominate our world still cling to the sons of God.

Why should God’s own children suffer so? Might we not expect that those who call God their Father and heaven their home have life a little easier than those who don’t?

But remember, reality is more than we can now see! We are God’s children, his sons right now, together with all the blessings of God’s love and grace that go along with it. Though this may be difficult to see at the moment, we look forward to the day when God promises it will be clearly revealed.

Do you know what else we cannot see? We aren’t the only ones looking forward to that day. The whole creation waits in eager expectation for it. Paul’s words actually picture the creation craning its neck to see, like little children in a crowd getting up on their tiptoes and stretching themselves as tall as they can to see the parade, or the playing field, or the stage.

The day of our Lord’s return, the day he comes and ends this world’s misery, impresses many people as a day to dread. The whole creation teaches us to expect it eagerly. It’s the day our place in God’s family will be clear for all to see.

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