Bible Light

2 Timothy 3:16 “All Scripture is God-breathed.”

Timothy’s Spiritual training came from several reliable sources. His faith had been handed down to him by his grandmother Lois and his mother Eunice. The Apostle Paul had personally tutored Timothy in the saving truth about Jesus. But what good would all that spiritual training have been if the Christian faith were nothing more than another man-made religion, a collection of fables and myths?

It is not. All Scripture is God-breathed. The term “God-breathed” (or “inspired” as many have learned it from the King James Version) vividly pictures the source of the words. Before you or I can say anything, we must be able to breathe. Without breath behind our words, we are only moving our lips. No sound comes out. Our breath pushes our words out of our mouths, projects them into the air, and there they can be heard and known.

Every word recorded for us in Scripture is there because God himself made that word known to us. He made it possible for each of those words to be heard. As a spirit, our God does not have literal lungs, but he is the source and the power behind everything the Bible reveals. Whether we are hearing those words read, or reading them for ourselves, he wants us to understand and regard every word as a word which he himself is speaking to us. This is so whether they were recorded by Moses, or one of the prophets, or one of Jesus’ apostles.

Do you see why that reminder is so important for us if we hope to hold on to our Bible-based beliefs? Faith rests on things that are certain. Faith itself IS certain. If the words of Scripture cannot be trusted to be God’s own, how can they produce faith in him? But when we know that God is speaking to us here, we know our faith is well-founded. We know that our answer to that nagging question, “Does Jesus love me?” can be a confident one, because our answer is found in his inspired Scriptures.

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