Proverbs 30:5a “Every word of God is flawless.”

There is a picture behind the promise here. If you look at the inside rim of my wedding ring, there is tiny little print that says, among other things, “14 K.” “Fourteen karat gold” means that it is fourteen parts gold and ten parts other metals. If it were “twenty-four karat gold,” then it would be pure gold, at last as pure as is humanly possible.

Before they could add the other metals to the gold in my wedding ring, they had to get the impurities out of it. It had to be refined in order to remove the other minerals in and around it. Chemicals and super-heated furnaces were used to purify the gold.

This is the picture behind the word “flawless.” God’s word is twenty-four karat pure truth. There are no impurities or additives. Do you see why this is important for you to know? I haven’t read all the other “holy” books of other religions, but from what I have read I know that the Bible is particularly careful to make this claim. God was anticipating the false criticism that was going to be leveled at his word. I heard it once from a relative who wasn’t very interested in the Bible’s claims. “The Bible is just a book written by men.” In other words, it is possible that it contains mistakes and errors just like any other human book. Truth be told, you wouldn’t make a statement like that if you didn’t think you already had found some there.

What does that do to our trust in the promises our Lord records for us? Now it is up to us to figure out which promises we can trust and which ones are nothing but an illusion. And what is the standard by which we will judge–our own feelings? Our own opinions? Our limited experience? The findings of science and research? Only people who are unaware of the history of scientific investigation can believe that so-called “science” has given us consistently accurate explanations for why things are the way they are (not that it has gotten everything wrong). Each generation has to throw out large portions of the science of the generation before. Then it must start over with new ideas about how to explain our world.            

God hasn’t put us on such shaky ground with his promises. They are twenty-four karat gold for certainty. There is an empty tomb in Jerusalem to prove it. There are thousands of years of prophecies fulfilled in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus to make us sure. The power of the gospel has exerted itself on our own hearts. It has given us the faith that convinces us, “These words aren’t just a collection of nice thoughts about God.” They are the real history of how he intervened in our world, the real description of who he is and what he is like. Trust his promises. Not a single word contains a flaw.

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