All the Time

Matthew 28:20b “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

In the Greek of Matthew’s gospel, Jesus literally says that he is with us “all the days,” but that is a little awkward way to say it in English. So even as far back as the King James Version we have simply said “always” in English.

It’s always less scary to face new challenges and big challenges if we are not alone. Through the years we sent our children to a Lutheran high school a thousand miles from home. One by one, we dropped them off and left them there while we returned home. At times it was a tearful experience, but we trusted daily exposure to God’s Word through high school was the best way to secure their faith and prepare them for Christian adulthood. It was always a little easier to leave them at school when they had an older brother or sister attending at the same time. They were not alone, and that gave us comfort.

As we go and tell the world the good news about Jesus, he promises he is right here with us. He does more than cheer for us from heaven. Of course, as the very Son of God he is present everywhere all the time. But more than that, he is with us in his Word and Sacraments– the very things we use to make disciples as we spread the gospel. Closer still, he lives in our hearts by faith. He is not merely a memory or idea. He is really and truly present inside of us wherever we go. With his presence all the time, we have all we need to introduce others to their Savior and his love.

So let’s go! Let’s not wait for them to come to us. Let’s find people, start a conversation, and give an invitation. Let’s get the gospel outside of our homes and churches into the neighborhoods and far distant countries. And let’s teach them what we know! Unleash the power of Jesus’ word on the lives of anyone willing to listen. He will be with us in this all the time, until he brings time itself to an end.  

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