Missing My Post?

Readers of my blog,

In their infinite wisdom, it appears that Facebook has decided to suppress the distribution of my devotion for Monday, November 2, due to the fact that it makes heavy mention of an important upcoming event in our nation on Tuesday, November 3. Owing to their deep devotion to civic duty and generally high moral standards, they don’t want to promote things that might unduly influence said event.

If you are a regular reader of my devotional blog Bits of Bread, and usually access it by the links I post on the Grace Lutheran Church Facebook page and my personal Facebook page, and these have not showed up in your newsfeed, you may go to http://www.bitsofbread.org, and you will find my devotion posted there.

If you have clicked to this post from Facebook, scroll to the green link with the leftward arrow below, and it will take you back to the devotion I originally posted for this day. I hesitate to mention it by name lest I upset the sensibilities of Facebook’s thoughtful censors.

If you have come to my page by directly entering its URL into your web browser, then you should see my original post for this day below this one.

Thanks for reading. Have a blessed week!

Peace in Christ,

Pastor John Vieths

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