Have Faith

Mark 4:40 “He said to the disciples, ‘Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?’”

There is a tone of accusation in Jesus’ question to the disciples who endured the storm on the Sea of Galilee with him in the boat. He isn’t merely asking them why they experienced the emotion of fear. That, I suppose, is clear enough. He is accusing them of being cowards in the Greek. That is a moral failing, not just an emotional one. Deadly storm or not, Jesus expected more of them.

If you are like me, your sympathies may lie more with the disciples on this issue at first. Their reaction didn’t seem so extreme considering the circumstances. We may wonder how Jesus could have expected more of them when the boat was about to sink.

The answer lies outside the story. They heard Jesus speak so many promises. They watched him perform so many miracles. By this time they had seen him command demons, heal the sick, and raise the dead. He had promised to make them fishers of men. Was he just going to let them die without fulfilling his promise? Did they believe his promises or not? Did they believe he was the one he claimed to be or not?

The words he spoke had the power to stop this storm. Didn’t they have the power to change their hearts as well? Didn’t they have the power to convince them that yes, Jesus cared, even if it looked like they were about to drown?

 Jesus’ words, his promises, are still the secret to maintaining our trust in him, though it looks as if our problems are going to sink and drown us. Would he lay down his life to pay for our sins if he intended to hurt us? Would he suffer all he did to save us and then decide to stop working for our good, when it costs him nothing additional to offer his continued help and care? Is he less powerful now that he has returned to heaven?

Jesus has promised to save you, forgive you, and raise you to eternal life. He promises to be with you, to make you strong, to rule the universe for your good. In short, he promises to love you. You know that he does. Have faith. We have every reason to believe that he cares.

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