Straight Paths

Proverbs 3:6 “In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”

The Hebrew for this proverb originally says, “in all your ways know him.” But what does it mean to know the Lord in all our ways? Knowing the Lord in all our ways means knowing what he wants us to do at every turn. But won’t we face some decisions, some crossroads, when we won’t know exactly what he wants? Should I accept this job? Should I move to this city? Should I buy this car? Many times there is nothing moral or immoral about either option.

What we do know is that he wants us to live a life of love in all we do. He doesn’t want us to be motivated by selfish concerns. He wants us to do everything for his glory. We acknowledge him, we know him, in all our ways when we follow the path of love for God and our neighbor.

In order to know that we are following him in all our ways, we need to be constantly getting to know him better. My wife knows me well. She can often finish my sentences. I know her well, too. I know just the things not to say if I don’t want to start a fight.  This doesn’t mean we would be happy if our understanding of each other never progressed. God willing, we will spend the rest of our lives getting to know each other better and better.

Even more, we need to spend our lives getting to know our Lord better and better. If we are going to know the Lord in all our ways, that means a life of Bible study and worship. Getting to know him helps us to see all of life more clearly, too.

Isn’t that his promise? “In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight.” So long as we are working along the path our Lord wants us to go, he will be smoothing it for us. He will involve himself in our lives, taking out the obstacles, making it possible for us to do his will. In every area of life, he will be leading us in a life that serves his purposes, serves others, and serves our own souls.

God’s paths may not always be easy or fun. But a truly successful life serves God’s purpose as a tool by which he draws us closer to himself and leads us to serve others in love. Let’s know him better, so that we can follow where he leads.

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