Oh, the Depths!

Romans 11:33 “Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God!  How unsearchable his judgements, and his paths beyond tracing out!” 

The depth and the richness of God’s wisdom and knowledge inspired Paul’s trust. God’s knowledge includes that vast store of information that he has about everything he has created. You can take all the information mankind has gathered, double it, triple it, and he still knows more.

Scientists have identified about 800,000 different kinds of insects. They believe there are between 1 million and 10 million left to discover.  They find another seven to ten thousand every year. The Lord knows not only how many kinds of insects there are, or how many insects are alive at any given moment. He personally knows each bug, where it is, and what it is doing. He not only knows the average number of hairs on a human head.  He knows how many are on your head. He knows you and me, and every human being, better than we know ourselves.

“So what!” someone might say. “What good is it?” The Lord’s vast store of information wouldn’t merely make him a good contestant on Jeopardy. Along with the depth of the riches of his knowledge comes the depth of the riches of his wisdom. His wisdom is his capacity to take this knowledge, this intimate understanding of everything he has made, and put it to work for us. Whether we understand it or not, every situation he allows into our lives is tailor made for us at just that moment in time. 

That wisdom accomplished our salvation. The Lord knew that sinful people would never live up to his perfect demands. He sent Jesus to become our brother and fulfill those demands in our place. He knew we had nothing to pay for our sins ourselves. What could we give him? He owns everything, even our very selves. So he took what he knows about us and devised a plan for Jesus to become our substitute. He transferred our guilt to him. He paid what we never could. 

The Lord knew people would never trust his way of salvation on their own. So he sent the Holy Spirit to call us to faith. He took us by the heart and led us to trust that he is our friend. His word convinced us he every sin we commit.

Even a theologian like the Apostle Paul didn’t have all the answers to the theological questions he had. But what he did know about God let him live securely.  He simply trusted in the greatness of God’s saving wisdom.

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